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What do doulas do?

Doulas provide physical, emotional and evidence-based informational support. Doulas help make the experiences of conception, pregnancy, birth, and postpartum better.

Physical support may look like a comforting touch, massage or counter-pressure, or breathing exercises to enhance comfort and promote labor progression. This includes guiding through labor techniques such as breathing, relaxation, movement, and positioning. It also includes everything to enhance the birthing experience, such as creating a calm environment by adjusting lighting, heating, sounds, and so on, facilitating movement, water therapy (showers and/or tubs), and offering sustenance and hydration.

Emotional support is instrumental in fostering a sense of care, pride and empowerment for the mother, which contributes to positive postpartum experience. The main objective of a doula is nurturing the emotional well-being of the mother. Emotional support can be continuous presence, encouragement, providing companionship, displaying empathy and care, reflecting the woman’s experiences, honoring her desires, assisting in addressing fears and uncertainties, and empathetically and attentively listening to the mother's experiences.

Informational support involves aiding the family in accessing evidence-based resources about pregnancy, the labor process and birth options, and explaining medical procedures. This in turn, enables the pregnant person to make informed decisions about their pregnancy and birth. By empowering individuals to find their voices and advocate for optimal care, doulas play a crucial role in lifting families up, offering guidance, and ensuring they receive the highest standard of care during this significant life event.

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