A team of doulas ready to provide unwavering support.
Why get a doula?

It has been scientifically proven that having a doula dramatically improves the experiences of birth and postpartum, both physically and psychologically.

According to a 2017 Cochrane Database Systematic Review, “Continuous support in labor may improve a number of outcomes for both mother and baby, and no adverse outcomes have been identified. Continuous support from a person who is present solely to provide support, is not a member of the woman's own network, is experienced in providing labour support, and has at least a modest amount of training (such as a doula), appears beneficial. ”

At Doula Services Barcelona, we work as a team to provide our clients with the highest caliber of support and the widest range of expertise and training. Unlike solo doulas who typically commit to availability between 38-42 weeks, our commitment begins as soon as you sign the contract, even during holidays. When relying on a solo doula, factors such as another client in labor, the doula's recent return from another birth, or personal emergencies could necessitate the presence of a backup doula. Our team structure eliminates this need for backups as we have a team of doulas ready to provide unwavering support. There will always be someone a phone call or instant message away to offer seamless and unlimited support.

Through our birth and postpartum preparation classes, pregnancy and postpartum circles, and our meetings, at Doula Services Barcelona we equip you to empower yourself and learn to articulate your desires clearly to medical providers and staff. We foster open communication, ensuring that your preferences are remembered or reiterated in situations where your attention may be elsewhere, aiding you (and those present) in expressing your concerns or preferences effectively.

Moreover we assist you in navigating both the public and private medical systems to ensure optimal care throughout this transformative journey. Our support extends to attending appointments alongside you and collaborating closely with your medical professionals to guarantee your well-being.

Your journey, your choices, our support.
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